Posted by: alisonwalley | 14 June 2009

Moving blogs

Moving house can be a painful (and expensive) business. Moving a blog however, especially if both are in WordPress, is easy. Export the old one, import into the new one. A few clicks, and wait for the files to upload (not long with a fairly new blog).

The blog hasn’t changed, just the location. I hosted it on my own website to start with, partly to see if I could. But it’s actually easier to host it on the WordPress site as tags etc get put into the WordPress community and it’s more likely to be read. After all, I did start the blog to gather resources together on reading the Bible, so I hope it’s going to be of use to some people. I haven’t recreated all my links yet, but hope to get them more systematic, and possibly even put them into a resources page.

More on Bible reading — or more probably — Bible listening, next week.



  1. so you have been converted! Good news?! Any chance of ‘News from Farholme’ making the switch?

  2. Actually the blog was a WordPress one before, just not hosted by them. Blogger seems to work for the Farholme blog.

  3. ah, I see (I think!)

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