Posted by: alisonwalley | 19 October 2009

Doing it differently

Sometimes Often it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with studying the Bible. Our home group has had a pattern of Bible study for quite a few years. We start with a question vaguely related to the subject of the study to get people talking, then we read the passage and discuss questions on it. The idea is to have a balance of questions which make people look at the text, find what it means, and then apply it.

Which is a good way to do Bible study. But sometimes you need to be a bit different.

We started studying Hosea last week after a marathon of nearly a year on Mark’s Gospel. Now Hosea isn’t the easiest of books (though it’s a lot easier than Revelation, one of the other suggestions!), so I tried another way. Here it is:

  1. You need printouts of the first THREE chapters of Hosea, with no chapter numbers, just the verses (so you can tell where you are), and no subheadings (the ones which modern translations insert). We used the NIV.
  2. Make sure the printouts have wide margins for people to annotate and that everyone has a pen (and something to lean the paper on).
  3. Pray first!
  4. Everyone reads the passage (to themselves, it’s a bit long for reading out loud and there are some difficult names)
  5. You also need a print out of the instructions, one for everyone. These are
    • Divide the passage up into sections (you can ignore the chapter divisions if you want).
    • Put an exclamation mark ! against anything that surprises you
    • Put a question mark ? against anything that puzzles you/you want to ask a question about
    • Put a star * against anything that encourages you
    • Give everyone about 5 minutes (more if you have slow readers) to do this. Then ask how people divided it, what they put marks against.

Finally, and very importantly, you need to ask SO WHAT? How does this apply to us, now?

We had a very interesting discussion!


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