Posted by: alisonwalley | 25 October 2009

Thoughts on Hosea

As you might gather if you read last week’s post, our home group have decided to study Hosea. Now might also realise that I’m a great believer in the Bible speaking to us and the need to read all of it.

So I’m wondering how we’re going to get on with Hosea.

Let’s just take the headings that the TNIV gives the various sections (from chapter 4 on). Bear in mind that Hosea was prophesying in the northern of the divided kingdom of Israel, to ‘Israel’ as opposed to ‘Judea’ (around the mid 7th century):

  • The charge against Israel
  • Judgement against Israel
  • Israel unrepentant
  • Israel to reap the whirlwind
  • Punishment for Israel
  • God’s love for Israel (oh good)
  • Israel’s sin
  • The Lord’s anger against Israel
  • Repentance to bring blessing

Notice a common theme here? Notice, in fact, a very great similarity in what most of the sections seem to be about? So, it looks as if we’re going to be talking a great deal about judgement and God’s people turning away from him. Are we going to be having the same discussion every week?

I think the answer is probably, yes and no. And is that a bad idea? Perhaps we skip over the bits we’re not comfortable with too quickly. Perhaps we need to be reminded of the seriousness of sin. And the great thing about Hosea is God’s great love for that same rebellious people. More on that next week.



  1. We had a series on Hosea a year or two ago at church and the big issue was “don’t lots of these sermons sound the same?”. The vicar’s point was, “we can stop preaching it, when we understand it”.

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