Posted by: alisonwalley | 21 February 2010


IVP are publishing daily readings from Lent at this web address. Clicking on the link will take you to today’s reading. Lent actually started on 17 February, so you may have a few days to catch up – but as there are 40 days to Lent there are plenty more to come (some of which are already up on the site).

I can’t describe what the intention is better than the words of the website itself:

This website and its accompanying eBook have been produced to provide you with some material to help you to focus your thinking on God, to learn more about him and to learn to love him more – in short, to draw near to him.

In a series of short studies, you’ll re-visit the well-known story of Jesus’ passion, crucifixion and resurrection as told in John’s gospel – a book written with the express purpose of making God known.

The format gives the Bible passage followed by some comments and a question to think about.

You can subscribe by RSS feed, receive the studies by email, or download the pdf (eBook). The studies are adapted from Discovering John by Ian Barclay.

If you want something different for Lent, that focuses particularly on what God did for us in Christ, then this is a great resource.


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