Posted by: alisonwalley | 21 March 2010

What’s in the Bible?

Once, and not just in a mythical past, but not that long ago, if you asked basic Bible knowledge questions in a quiz, most people would know the answer: how many sons did Noah have? How many commandments are there? Name two of Jacob’s sons? Two of Jesus’ apostles (and how many were there)? How many loaves did Jesus feed the 5,000 with? This was standard Sunday School stuff, when most children went to Sunday school and/or had Bible knowledge taught as part of RE in school.

But now? Ask a question from the Bible, even one you think should be easy, and most people don’t know the answer. I was at a Girl Guiding leader training event the other week. One game we played (yes, leaders get to play the games we’ll teach the girls), was about numbers – move to the number which is the answer to the question. I was surprised how many questions turned out to be Bible based, but I think only I and a friend knew how many spies were sent into Canaan. I think some others there hadn’t a clue what the question was about.

So there’s a general ignorance of the Bible. But what’s more scary is the lack of knowledge from church people, even those brought up in the church. Well, that’s not a new topic for this blog, but of course I’m not the only person to be concerned, or to worry that we’re teaching lots of Bible stories, just not how they all hang together.

Then I had an email from Phil Vischer (well, not personally, but via the Tyndale Publishers ‘fiction first’ email list). Who is Phil Vischer? He’s the guy who created VeggieTales, basically a series of DVDs which retells Bible stories via veggie characters (Larry the Cucumber and co). Now he’s got a new project launched this month: What’s in the Bible? It’s a series of DVDs that does what it says, going through the whole Bible in a really accessible way.

Check out the ‘What’s in the Bible?’ website and especially the video clip where Phil introduces the project. I don’t know whether it’s available in the UK yet, but Veggie tales certainly are, so it won’t be long before you can buy the What’s in the Bible series too. Looks like a fun way to introduce families to the whole Bible.


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