Posted by: alisonwalley | 4 April 2010

Celebrating the kingdom

‘Happy Easter!’ An interesting greeting, but I wonder what it means. Easter eggs? Easter bunnies? Have a really good double-bank-holiday weekend and I hope the weather’s good for you?

A better Christian greeting is: ‘The Lord is risen!’, to which the response is, ‘He is risen indeed.’

But how do we get from Palm Sunday to Resurrection Sunday? Last Sunday in church we celebrated Jesus riding into Jerusalem on a donkey (see Zechariah 9:9), this week we celebrate his rising from the dead. That’s a big jump!

This morning it was my turn to do something for our older primary age Sunday Club kids all together before they go into their separate age classes. They range in age from six to ten, and because we had lots of visitors today there were over 30 instead of around 20. I’d planned to look at the whole of the week between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday, so I asked them what had happened on the various days. Palm Sunday  – OK; Good Friday – OK; Easter Sunday – OK. But what happened on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? Some of them suggested the Last Supper, quite a few others suggested that Jesus prayed, so that was Thursday. As for Friday, what happened before Jesus was put on the cross? One boy said, “He was taken to a palace.” I’m not sure if he meant Pilate or Herod Antipas but he had the right idea. Monday was a bit trickier but some of the older ones knew about Jesus turning over the tables in the temple.

So, that’s Sunday, Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday (“nothing happened”) and Sunday again, but what about Tuesday and Wednesday?

That brought blank faces.

The Bible says that Jesus told lots of stories, mostly about the kingdom of heaven. His death brought in the Kingdom, and if we belong to Jesus, we’re already in it. But what’s the kingdom of heaven like? We talked about the king who was holding a party for his son’s wedding and what their idea of a great party would be. I hope in heaven there will be the equivalent of bouncy castles, paintball, football, presents, dancing, ten-pin bowling and lots of food! The Kingdom is exciting, and Jesus’ resurrection shows the way.


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