Posted by: alisonwalley | 17 May 2010

New Daylight

Aimer Media and the Bible Reading Fellowship have produced a couple of apps for daily Bible readings. You need to go to iTunes to download them (they work best on a phone where you can download today’s reading any time or any place you like).

Guidelines and New Daylight are based on two of BRF’s regular type of notes. New Daylight is a more ‘devotional’ type of notes with different readings each day, whereas Guidelines is described as designed for people wanting more serious study.

Both apps give you a week’s sample you can try before deciding to subscribe or not. However I had a glitch when trying to download the Guidelines app onto my iTouch. I hope to give a review when I’ve downloaded a version that actually has the samples on it — at the moment my pages are blank!



  1. Alison please get in touch with us at Aimer and we will make sure that you get your sample readings. Sorry you had this issue but rest assured we will make sure it is fixed for you and any other people it has affected. Adrian.

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