Useful Resources

Here are some useful pages on the Bible and Bible reading.

Reading the Bible in a year

The Bible Gateway gives you different reading plans and a choice of Bible versions. But you have to read it online. has five different plans, again, in a variety of translations. You can start reading on the 1st or 15th of any month. There’s a mobile version too.

One Year Bible Online is based on the New Living Translation. There’s a chronological version as well.

If you want the Robert Murray McCheyne version, this page will give you a link that you could then print off and put in your Bible. This page gives you McCheyne’s letter to his congregation introducing the scheme and explaining why he’d introduced it.

This one is from the Nav Press: The Discipleship Journal Reading Plan.
Usefully, it only gives readings for 25 days of the month, leaving you the others to catch up or study in more depth (or not read anything…).

And here’s another which does something similar, from a church in St Louis, USA, called Engage Scripture.

Crossway, who publish the ESV, put a number of different plans on their website which you can access in different ways. You don’t of course have to use the ESV!


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